Pesulaine’s clothes cleaning and maintenance training

Do you use the washing machine nearly every day but are not familiar with all of its functions, not to mention the symbols on clothing labels? Do you want to know how to become so professional at washing clothes that white becomes bright white and every last stain disappears? How to maintain different fabrics and make the most of the tumble dryer? And what is the most efficient way to iron a dress shirt?

You can learn all this at Pesulaine’s clothes cleaning and maintenance training held by the owner of Pesulaine Laundry Kristel Tammiste. She is a valued specialist with a widespread knowledge, who has been interviewed by the Estonian Television and various magazines. Under her guidance, you, too, can become a laundry specialist!

Target group

Everyone who deals with clothes cleaning and maintenance, e.g. clothing manufacturers and retailers, housewives, not to mention employees responsible for washing clothes. This training is useful for everyone!

Duration: 6–8 academic hours

What is included

The training includes a demonstration of practical tasks using necessary tools, paper copies of training materials, snacks and coffee breaks.

Number of participants: 10–15 people

Learning outcomes

  • You can assess different materials and decide how to maintain different clothes;
  • You can read the symbols on clothing labels;
  • You have more knowledge on detergents and pre-treatment agents;
  • You are familiar with the specifics of operating a washing machine;
  • You have a broader knowledge of the ways of using a tumble dryer and an airing cupboard;
  • You know the techniques and tricks for adding finishing touches to clothes…

…i.e. you will have ALL the necessary knowledge for talking care of clothes and laundry so that it always looks like NEW and lasts for a long time!

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